Friday, February 6, 2015

School Uniforms

                  Do you think students should have to wear uniforms ? Don't you just think that if students wore uniforms it would stop a lot of bullying ? Then so many kids wouldn't have to worry about getting picked on, and it would stop a lot of of the problems in school . Then maybe students wouldn't get in trouble for violating the dress code.

                  Students should have to wear uniforms because it would most likely stop alot of bullying going on in school. Some kids get bullied in school because there clothes don't look like the other kids, or they just cant afford new clothes like everyone else. So if all the kids wore the same uniform that problem would improve dramatically . For example, when i was in the 7th grade , it was this boy who was really poor , kids would pick on him and call him names because he couldn't afford nice clothes like them. After a while it made him not want to come to school because he was scared.

                  I believe students should also wear school uniforms because it would stop kids from violating the dress code. A lot of student come to school in short shorts or inappropriate shirts. That could start a lot of problems also because there are a lot of adults in the school and things could happen at any point in time. For instance, in California, a young girl came to school in a crop top shirt and some leggings and she noticed her gym teacher watching her and even tried to go further. Uniforms would stop students from dressing inappropriate and putting themselves in bad situations in school.

                 Then again students shouldn't have to wear uniforms. all it does is make school a dull , lifeless place that no one wants to be in.  Students should be able to wear what they want because they should be able to express themselves and there emotions through the clothes they like to wear . Students just like to be unique and different.

                  In conclusion, Yes i think students should wear school uniforms. It would prevent a lot of bullying and stop kids from violating the dress code. Then again, students should b free to wear what they want.